Vankleek Hill Tulip Fields
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Are you open all year?

We are open when the tulips are ready for picking. Tulips usually ready for picking by late April or early May but it depends on the weather. You can consult our growth chart, email us, follow us on Facebook or Instagram to receive the latest information.

Can we just show up or do we need to buy tickets?

You will need to buy tickets online to reserve your time. We do this so that everyone can enjoy the experience and the fields don’t get too crowded. You can order your tickets here.
We will have a limited number of tickets for sale on site. There are no guarantees that tickets will be available the day you show up.

Can we reschedule our visit if it rains?

Sorry, the tulip season is so short, so we are out to greet you rain or shine. Please dress accordingly.

Where can we park?

We have very limited parking on site and there is no parking on County road 10 in front of our place. However there is ample parking within a short walking distance throughout Vankleek Hill. We encourage you to park close by and after your visit, explore the rest of our beautiful little town. Whether you want to stop in at the local farmer’s market, the local bakery or thrift shop, or if you want to explore Higginson tower or walk through our beautiful parks there is no shortage of things to do in Vankleek Hill.

Are there restrooms on site?

There are regularly maintained johnny on the spots available.

Can we bring food or drinks?

We only allow water bottles. We have a terrace with seating with limited snacks and drinks for sale. Eating and drinking must be limited to the terrace otherwise it will attract animals that also like to eat bulbs.

When do you recommend I visit?

Weekends will obviously be more crowded than weekdays. If you can visit us during the week, we encourage you to do so in order to have a more intimate experience.

When do I plant my bulbs?

Ideally, since the tulips bulbs you buy from us should be planted some time between October and November in the Northern Hemisphere. If you live in a warmer climate with milder winters, you can even push the date further till December. If you buy fully grown tulips from us, the best time would be after the last frost date.

How can I store the bulbs I bought?

Brush the dirt of the bulbs before layering them in a box, preferably between layers of newspaper and making sure none of them touch. Once you take them home, store any bulbs you haven’t planted yet in a cool but dry area and check them once in a while to get rid of any that become mushy.

Do blooming tulips need to be protected during the winter?

Tulips are just as sensitive to frost and snow when the bulbs are closed, which is even more of a concern if you live in colder climates with long, snow filled days. If you want to protect your tulips, cover them with cloth supported by stakes and leave enough slack so any snowfall won’t crush the flowers.

Do you hold private events?

We are still in the opening stages of our business. We would definitely be open to discussing any special events you would like to hold at our farm. Please contact us to discuss your plans.

Can I buy tickets on site?

We encourage you to book your tickets online. We will have a limited number of tickets for sale on site. There are no guarantees that tickets will be available the day you show up.

Do you have wheelchair access?

Yes but the fields may be muddy making it hard to navigate.

Can I bring a stroller for my child?

Please do not bring strollers onto the field, both the stroller and the tulips risk being damaged.

Can we take pictures?

Absolutely! We only ask that you tag us if you share them on social media (@vkhtulips)

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